Create a high-performance culture – Gallup research

Gallup’s “Building a Culture That Drives Performance” report highlights the importance of a strong corporate culture in achieving high performance within organizations. It identifies five key areas that are important for building an effective culture.
Culture is the key to unlocking an organization's greatest potential. Yet senior management often struggles to identify and leverage the functional aspects of organizational culture.


Leadership and Communication

Leaders play a crucial role in defining and conveying the culture. Their behavior and communication style must reflect the organization’s desired values and goals.


Values and Rituals

These express an organization’s core identity and strengthen employee cohesion and commitment through shared norms and customs.


Human Capital

Attracting, developing and retaining talent that fits the culture is critical to driving performance and innovation.


Teams and Structures

Effective teams and organizational structures that promote collaboration and flexibility are important for achieving culture goals.


Performance Management

Systems for assessing and rewarding performance should be aligned with cultural values to encourage desired behavior and results.

Gallup’s report criticizes the limitations of generic culture surveys and advocates a tailored approach that combines quantitative, qualitative, and observational methods to gain a deep understanding of a company’s unique culture. Gallup proposes a framework to help organizations define and realize their ideal culture through a structured action plan that takes into account the current state, desired future, and steps needed to achieve this transformation. This includes aligning activities and systems with cultural goals, establishing responsibilities, and implementing ongoing evaluation and adaptation to ensure a dynamic and performance-oriented culture. Interested in this report? Download it here!

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