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Our mission is Empowering Businesses, Brands & People. “Empowering People” is what we do through our HR solutions. With over 10 years of experience supporting HR departments, we know what we’re talking about. From attract, to engage, to retain. All facets of the employee life cycle are covered. And we go a step further. Because experience shows that middle management can also use some support.

Employer Value Proposition

No employer branding without an EVP. After all, the Employer Value Proposition is the core of your job market communication. At Lemento, we help our clients develop that EVP, and we do so from the inside out. Of course always taking into account the “big picture”. Where are the future talents, how do we reach them, who is fishing in the same pond, what bait are our competitors using, … Positioning on the job market starts from your own strengths, without losing sight of the external force field.

Team Workshops & Keynotes

We are regularly asked to spend half a day or a day working with a team or department. This is usually offsite. Depending on the objective, we draw up a program and create a customized package. For organizations evolving from startup to scale-up, we organize culture workshops. For companies from sectors in change, we organize yesterday-tomorrow workshops, complemented with a keynote “change is the new normal”. Other topics include self-leadership, agile HR, …

Employee Engagement Surveys

We use listening strategies to help our clients increase employee engagement. In addition to an annual survey of all employees (extended eNPS), we also collect interim feedback from smaller groups linked to certain triggers (onboarding, reorganization, exit, etc.) At moments that matter, we question the employees involved via short pulse surveys. We provide middle management with toolkits so that they can work with the results. Follow-up reminders ensure that it actually happens.


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“Empowering People” is part of our mission. With over 10 years of experience supporting HR departments, we know what we’re talking about. From attract, to engage to retain. At Lemento, we have built up a special expertise over the years around the intersection of HR and communication. All supported by the right methodology and insights.

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