B2B Marketing
Innovative approach as a driver for success

At Lemento, we breathe B2B. Pharma, chemistry, ICT, industry, … this is the world in which we feel at home. Our approach is 100% sales oriented. Through Qualified Lead Generation we make sure that the sales team of our customer can perform at its best. Of course, this is the result of a well thought-out marketing strategy and corresponding campaigns.


THINKData-driven Strategy

Looking for a partner to help you refine your marketing approach using precise, analytical insights? Then contact us. We ensure that every decision, from market segmentation to campaign design, is backed by reliable data. The result: higher efficiency and effectiveness in your marketing efforts.


CREATEAI Supported Content

Want to do more with the same content team? Then put your faith in artificial intelligence when developing your content. We use advanced AI technologies to create high-quality, personalized content tailored to each specific audience. Result: targeted, relevant and impactful content with higher conversion rates.


GROWB2B Lead Mining

Looking for the hidden leads with great potential? We identify lucrative leads for you by having our AI robot dig into all kinds of available online sources. We combine this with data enrichment, efficient and highly targeted. Email outreach campaigns are the next step. Result: high-quality new leads on a silver platter.


MANAGEMarketing Automation

Without technology, no B2B marketing. Automation is necessary to do more with less. We like to help our customers setup the right tools and link to existing CRM systems. Systems such as Hubspot, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, … hold no secrets for us. After all, we use them for ourselves as well. Result: more marketing ROI.

Updates, insights and trends

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