Corporate Branding
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Corporate branding, the creation and revitalization of corporate brands, has been our core business for many years. Our vision: your company’s brand is an “intangible asset” that helps determine your success. Corporate branding goes far beyond the purely graphic aspect, it is a strategic choice.

The above framework is based on research and experience of Marie Jo Hatch, Majken Schultz, Klaus Birkigt, Marinus Stadler, Tony Spaeth & Tom Vanderbauwhede.

Corporate Rebranding

New positioning, merger or acquisition, image refreshment, … Plenty of reasons to opt for a make-over. We take care of a complete rebranding, from strategy to creation to implementation. The result: a new, modern and relevant brand identity.

Branding for startups or spinoffs

Are you starting a new business or a spinoff of an existing one? We help you create a distinctive brand that conveys the right message and reaches the right target audience. Brand strategy, name creation, logo and corporate identity.

Brand architecture

Do you have too many brands? Or is your brand portfolio not clearly structured? Then a brand architecture is something to consider. Depending on the context, we choose a branded house (one brand), a house of brands (multiple brands) or a hybrid solution.

Brand name creation

The right name can make or break your brand. Through our CCC method, our creative team devises strong, appropriate brand names that are not only unique and memorable, but also registerable as domain names and brand names.

Logo and corporate identity

One image tells more than 1,000 words. A logo and corporate identity are the visual cornerstones of your brand. Our design team works closely with you to create a visual identity that reflects your brand values.

Brand guidelines

Developing guidelines ensures that every aspect of your brand identity – from color use and fonts to tone-of-voice and visual style – is clear, consistent and easy to apply.

Is your company ready for a corporate rebranding?
Then Lemento is the right partner for you!

We have a lot of knowledge and experience, and that is not surprising. Since the start of Lemento we have focused on corporate branding. Strategy and creation go hand in hand. Moreover, “business awareness” is one of the reasons why clients often choose us. Companies in chemistry, pharma, ICT or other complex sectors very quickly feel at home with Lemento. This has to do with our analytical insight and commitment. Because we are convinced that without detailed knowledge, you can never develop a strong brand. Oh yes, the friendly atmosphere in which we realize our projects also plays a role.

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