Clickshare for Barco, brand name by Lemento

ClickShare, Barco’s wireless presentation and conferencing technology, allows people to communicate easily and naturally.

In August 2011, we were asked by Barco to propose a brand name for a new product, which internally the project called “Gruut.” “An eye-catching innovative product that delivers confident presentations and more productive meetings that make a great impression on all who attend.” That was the key message.

The tool copies the screen from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, sends it wirelessly to a receiver, and then it appears on a large projection or LCD screen without fuss. Making presenting easy, an internal innovation that came about as employees pondered how to give classic projectors more functionality.

We set to work using our customary CCC method. “Create > Check > Choose.” The briefing was clear, a descriptive name was out of the question. We suggested numerous names and besides a lot of “resonant” names, at the end of our longlist presentation we also came up with the name ClickShow. Very descriptive of what the product does. After a co-creation session, that eventually became ClickShare. The rest is history.