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Antwerp University Hospital has 41 highly specialized medical services, 593 licensed beds and 80,000 patients admitted annually, including 30000 with overnight stay. Each year, more than 800,000 patients come for consultation. For this, they count on the efforts of as many as 3,700 employees.

  • Client:UZA
  • Industry:Healthcare
  • Services delivered by Lemento:Corporate rebranding
The UZA corporate identity has been in use for several years, but was never established in clear consistent guidelines. This created a proliferation of different styles within the same organization. UZA needed a stronger, more recognizable and above all more human brand. The goal? To put UZA back on the map as a qualitative and patient-oriented organization where cooperation, international orientation, integrity and quality are paramount. The connection with the University of Antwerp should also be highlighted more. After all, it is one of its great strengths; knowledge and experience are constantly being exchanged.

The existing corporate identity of UZA was reworked in function of the new strategy. Lemento advised to keep the existing logo in a slimmed down version. Since photography played a crucial role in the new corporate identity, extensive guidelines were established. Lemento supervised the first shoots to set the right tone. The agency then put the new style into practice through the design of the reception brochure, numerous patient folders, internal communication brochures, stationery, digital presentations, templates, …

The result shows ambition and pride, innovation and creativity. It shows where UZA distinguishes itself from other hospitals.

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