Sustainable transport solutions

Pipelink is the asset owner and asset manager of approximately 750 km of high-pressure pipelines serving the chemical industry. The company was founded in 1978 by the Belgian government as the “Nationale Maatschappij der Pijpleidingen” and acquired by the Port of Antwerp in 2017.

  • Client:Pipelink
  • Industry:Pipeline transport
  • Services delivered by Lemento:Corporate rebranding
NMP was owned by Ackermans & Van Haaren (75%) and Electrabel (25%) until 2017. The company was seen as a valued partner providing sustainable transportation solutions, but did not communicate about itself at all. A strong corporate brand was needed: an innovative and future-proof positioning combined with a new brand identity.

We start first with an analysis phase, and that in special circumstances. The corona pandemic obliged us to carry out this assignment completely remotely. Using an adapted methodology, we gathered our information through interviews, surveys and desk research. We then organized a number of brand definition workshops through Teams.

Step 1 was focusing on the message, who we are and what we do. This resulted in a new mission and vision. Then we determined the requirements and wishes for the future image. In a nutshell, the new desired image must be dynamic, market-oriented and innovative, without losing sight of the existing brand characteristics, e.g. brand characteristics. no-nonsense and solid.

Then we started the name creation phase and as a result we got Pipelink. Pretty obvious since this company connects all chemical companies via pipelines. The baseline ‘Sustainable transport solutions’ is descriptive and expresses Pipelink’s ambition to contribute substantially to modal shift and the transition to a low-carbon society.

Our design team was keen to take this on board and created the visual brand identity. For the logo we chose a monogram in a circle, colors and typography were linked to the parent company.

In the roll-out phase, we developed all the necessary communication tools to make this corporate rebranding visible in the market and future-proof.

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