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Federal Public Service Home Affairs prepares the federal minister of Home Affairs policy and also implements it. More than 5,000 employees work every day on the security and protection of citizens, crisis management, immigration policy, registration and identification of natural persons, organization of elections and development of a global computerization policy.

  • Client:FOD Binnenlandse Zaken
  • Industry:Government
  • Services delivered by Lemento:Corporate rebranding
During the analysis phase, it became clear fairly quickly that FPS Home Affairs did not have a consistent visual identity. Each Directorate General had its own logo and style. Challenge 1: create a single logo and corresponding visual identity and apply it to a variety of corporate identity media. Challenge 2: ensure that all general directorates communicate uniformly and consistently as befits a modern, customer-friendly and dynamic government department.

The powerful and recognizable logo forms the core of the visual identity of the fereal government department of the Interior. In the implementation, we work with cobranding. The main channel is the FPS Home Affairs, with a clear endorsement via the .be logo. In addition, each general directorate is given the opportunity to add its own logo, but subordinate to the FPS logo. Besides a correspondence set, templates and communication material, Lemento also develops guidelines for client-friendly behavior, language use and information design.

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We have a lot of knowledge and experience, and that is not surprising. Since the start of Lemento we have focused on corporate branding. Strategy and creation go hand in hand. Moreover, “business awareness” is one of the reasons why clients often choose us. Companies in chemistry, pharma, ICT or other complex sectors very quickly feel at home with Lemento. This has to do with our analytical insight and commitment. Because we are convinced that without detailed knowledge, you can never develop a strong brand. Oh yes, the friendly atmosphere in which we realize our projects also plays a role.

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