Connecting Care

Corilus, founded in 1998 within Omega Pharma (Arseus/Fagron), is the Belgian market leader in the field of ICT for medical professionals. About 47,000 customers, including pharmacists, dentists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, residential care centers and nurses, use this medical software every day. In addition, Corilus also provides eHealth services and total ICT solutions. Corilus has its head office in Ghent and has more than 500 employees.

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As a leading software manufacturer, Corilus is on a mission to craft an intelligent and efficient healthcare system. This means assisting healthcare professionals in making connections more easily — not just with each other, but also with patients and stakeholders. Collaboration between patients, primary care providers, and hospitals is increasingly important. Due to growth over the years through acquisitions, it became necessary to review the brand portfolio. With over 80 different brand names, it was challenging to uphold the promise of connecting all healthcare providers through a single platform. A new brand architecture can also provide many efficiencies.

Following our brand architecture analysis, we advised Corilus to retain two brands: the corporate brand ‘Corilus’ and the product brand ‘CareConnect’. This ensures clear communication and strong branding. The new tagline, ‘Connecting Care’, perfectly encapsulates this — Corilus aims to be an even stronger connecting force in healthcare.

Whether you’re a general practitioner, specialist, pharmacist, dentist, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, or a care home administrator, Corilus offers user-friendly software and robust service. And all these solutions are interconnected.

All solutions will now be grouped under the CareConnect umbrella. This clarity reinforces Corilus’s commitment to a unified product and market approach.

Given the significance of this brand strategy shift for Corilus’s future, a decision was made to concurrently undergo a complete rebranding, introducing a new logo and corporate style. The graphic refresh emphasises Corilus’s mission to optimally connect healthcare providers, patients, and stakeholders.

“The new logo builds on the old one, but with a modern touch. The new baseline completely summarizes the future of Corilus: Connecting Care.”

Tom Vanderbauwhede – Managing Director & Founder Lemento

“We, as a company, have a clear societal ambition we aim to achieve whilst staying true to our values. We are a fast and agile business, willing to adapt our services and products in line with our mission. We take our responsibility seriously and communicate transparently in an ever-evolving market. This not only facilitates our own growth as a company but is a collaborative effort alongside our staff and stakeholders. In everything we develop or bring to the market, we keep our customer in mind. This approach, in turn, empowers our clients to place their patients at the heart of everything they do.”

Dirk Van Lerberghe, CEO Corilus

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