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Use eNPS® (Employee Net Promoter Score) for employee engagement surveys

Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty with our comprehensive employee engagement surveys. We offer a full service package: onboarding, internal communication, implementation and reporting


Ready-to-go presentations to introduce eNPS to top and middle management.

Internal Communication

Templates for internal print & digital campaigns towards employees.


Full setup and quarterly execution including response rate follow up.


Analysis and detailed anonymous reporting of eNPS scores and open comments.

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  • fully anonymous feedback from your employees
  • ready-to-go package
  • multilingual setup NL, FR, EN, …
  • benchmark with other companies
  • proven correlation with Great Place To Work survey

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eNPS®: employee Net Promoter Score®
employee engagement surveys eNPS calculation

What is Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS®)?

  • A metric that reflects employee sentiment and loyalty towards your company.
  • Based on the concept of Net Promoter Score (NPS®) used for customer satisfaction.

How it works?

  • Employees answer a core question: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend [your company] as a place to work for your family and friends?”
  • Responses are then categorized into three groups:
    • Promoters (9-10): Enthusiastic employees who are highly likely to recommend your company and are brand advocates.
    • Passives (7-8): Neutral employees who are satisfied but might not be actively promoting your company.
    • Detractors (0-6): Disgruntled employees who could potentially damage your employer brand through negative word-of-mouth.

Calculating employee Net Promoter Score:

  • The score is calculated using a simple formula:
    ( % Promoters - % Detractors ).
  • A higher eNPS indicates a more positive and engaged workforce.

Benefits of eNPS in your employee engagement surveys:

  • Provides a quick and easy way to gauge employee sentiment.
  • Helps identify areas for improvement in employee experience.
  • Benchmarks your company against industry standards.
  • Tracks the impact of HR initiatives over time.

Limitations of eNPS in your employee engagement surveys:

  • Relies on a single question, so may not capture the full picture of employee sentiment.
  • Doesn’t provide specific reasons behind responses.
  • Scores can be susceptible to external factors.

Overall, eNPS® is a valuable tool for companies seeking to understand and improve employee engagement. It’s a starting point for deeper dives into employee feedback through follow-up questions and open-ended responses.

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