Corporate identity management

Corporate identity management literally means managing your corporate identity. It is making sure that the corporate identity is applied correctly, consistently to each application, taking into account the costs. We often see many applications are being created under supervision of or in different divisions. Without corporate identity management this easily results in the corporate identity being applied in different manners. Therefore a central corporate identity management is a necessity. It is the only way for your organisation to build and maintain a strong brand.

This means supervising external partners such as printers, signage supplier ... but also a consistent application of the corporate identity by your employees. Several tools and above all a lot of technical knowhow and experience, will allow the perfect application of your corporate identity.


  • Microsoft Office solutions
    Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint templates are part of any good corporate identity. So macro's, toolbars, database links ... have no secrets for us.
  • Logobank
    Logobank allows you to download your logo in the correct file format for the right application. Whether it is pantone (PMS), CMYK, RGB ... all files are available. The bank also contains files made for especially digital applications such as powerpoint and internet.
  • Imagebank
    Imagebank allows you to share corporate photography with third parties and colleagues. That way you can be sure everyone always uses the correct photographs.
  • Online print publishing
    Our online print publishing application allows you to create your business cards, letterheads, envelopes online and download or upload ready for printing files to the printer of your choice, completely according to your corporate identity. No more textual or graphical mistakes, superfast and userfriendly and all without graphic software or a DTP'er or graphic designer.
  • Corporate identity website
    An online corporate communication guideline has the advantage of always being up-to date. You can also immediately provide source files to download for each corporate identity application. Naturally a corporate identity website can also contain a logobank, imagebank and an online print publishing application.

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